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The 3rd Int'l Conference on Environmental Materials and Catalysis (CEMC 2024)

CEMC 2024

Date of beginning

Friday, 19 April 2024


3 days

Deadline for abstracts

Tuesday, 02 April 2024








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Expected participants



The 3rd Int'l Conference on Environmental Materials and Catalysis (CEMC 2024) will be held during April 19-21, 2024 in Xiamen, China. You are invited to submit papers/abstracts and participate in our academic exchange. The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest(not limited to): Nanomaterials for environmental applications Biomaterials for environmental remediation Green materials for sustainable development Advanced oxidation processes for environmental cleanup Sorbent materials for heavy metal and organic pollutant removal Biodegradable materials for waste management Biochar for soil remediation and carbon sequestration Membrane technologies for water treatment Environmental sensor materials Carbon capture and storage materials Sustainable building materials Biopolymers for environmental applications Sustainable packaging materials Catalytic Elimination of Gaseous Pollutants Catalytic Purification of Wastewater/Sewage Environmental Catalyst Photocatalytic materials for air purification Synthesis and Characterization of Environmental Catalytic Materials