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#SIMPperilCompare - The great obstetric syndromes, from the preconception period to the first 1000 days

#SIMPperilCompare - The great obstetric syndromes, from the preconception period to the first 1000 days


Date of beginning

Thursday, 26 May 2022


2 days






MCA Scientific Events - Organizational Secretariat


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Unlike traditional congresses, this congress will present different important clinical cases focused on major obstetric syndromes that will stimulate an interactive exchange of clinical opinions between the participants and some of the leading Italian experts in perinatal medicine.This interactive SIMP meeting will focus on major obstetric syndromes, preeclampsia / hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, fetal growth pathology, and dysmetabolism in pregnancy / gestational diabetes.The rationale for the meeting will involve addressing these issues by studying these stages in the woman's life:• The preconceptional stage• The pregnancystage • The peripartum stage• The post-pregnancy stageFor each phase analyzed we will have the pleasure of hosting the great international researchers, who will bring us their experience and their research on the specific topics analyzed.Website: www.simpperilconfronto.itwww.simponline.itURLs:Tickets: Member Surgeon (VAT excluded): EUR 130.0,Non-SIMP Member Surgeon (VAT excluded): EUR 180.0,Obstetrician / SIMP Members (excluding VAT): EUR 90.0,Osterico / a SIMP Non-Members (VAT excluded): EUR 110.0,Company representative: EUR 500.0Speakers: Laura Avagliano, Giovanni Castellini, Duccio Cavalieri, Irene Cetin, Erich Cosmi, Rosario D'Anna, Rocco Damone, Carlo Dani, Lucrezia D'Antuono, Romolo Di Iorio, Daniela Di Martino, Nicoletta Di Simone, Mariarosaria Di Tommaso, Lorenza Driul, Fabio Facchinetti, Sergio Ferrazzani, Enrico Ferrazzi, Stefania Fieni, Tiziana Frusca, Simona Fumagalli, Federico Gelli, Tullio Ghi, Silvia Giovinale, Moshe Hod, Annunziata Lapolla, Anna Locatelli, Mariavittoria Locci, Manuela Mariotti, Federico Mecacci, Maria Teresa Mechi, Massimo Micaglio, Francesca Monari, Serena Ottanelli, Lucia Pasquini, Felice Petraglia, Simone Pratesi, Federico Prefumo, Marianna Pina Rambaldi, Luca Ramenghi, Christopher Redman, Yoel Sadovsky, Aryeh Schander, Viola Seravalli, Caterina Serena, M. Filiberto Severi, Serena Simeone, Tamara Stampalija, Herbert Valensise, Silvia Vannuccini,Barbara Vasapollo, Sara Zullino, Vanessa ZurkichDate and Time: On Thursday May 26, 2022 at 9:30 am (ends Friday May 27, 2022 at 6:00 pm)Venue Details: Careggi University Hospital, 3 Largo Giovanni Alessandro Brambilla, Florence, Tuscany, 50134, Italy