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Reuters Events' Total Health 2021

Reuters Events' Total Health 2021


Date of beginning

Tuesday, 16 November 2021


2 days




Jamie Harding


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Total Health 2021: Build a Better Healthcare SystemTotal Health unites the global healthcare industry to challenge what's possible, transform patient experience and change the world.Spanning the entire ecosystem, Reuters Events: Total Health brings together global leaders across payers, providers, pharma, employers, investors, startups, policymakers, and the patient community to build the future of health.Key themes at Total Health include:- Transform Healthcare with Remote Care: Re-invent site of care to make access a problem of the past, drive down organizational costs and ensure technology drives health equality- Predictive, Preventative, Personalized: Leverage real-world data and predictive analytics to identify health determinants and illness at an individual patient level whilst anticipating future global health crises- The consumerization of Health: Capitalize on consumer technologies and empower patients to become the new healthcare decision-makers. Enable personalisation of treatment; multiplying available therapeutic options- Health Equity: Access for All: Prevent digital health from becoming another layer of inequality. Ensure all patients have equal access to affordable healthcare in the digital health era- Health Data and Collaboration: Protect patient privacy at scale, manage breaches, stewardship and consent, while leveraging standardisation and interoperability for better patient outcomesWho Attends Total HealthPAYERS: Make access challenges a thing of the past by integrating with other parts of the value chain to drive patient satisfaction, exceeding patient expectations in the era of digital healthPROVIDERS: Drive the digital health agenda to increase access and quality of healthcare through technological innovation, whilst driving organizational efficienciesPHARMA: Redefine patient value and the role of Pharma in the digital health era with rapid digital adoption for better customer engagementTECH: From consumer devices, to medical services, medical devices and healthcare marketplaces Big Tech innovators and Health Tech start-ups re-imagine the business of health in the digital agePATIENT ADVOCATES: Represent the voice of the patient, ensuring that patient value is front and centre in all future healthcare developmentsTotal Health Highlights include:- All Stakeholders in One Place: Join leaders from across the healthcare spectrum form Providers, Payers, Pharma, Patient Advocacy Groups and Tech to tackle health transformation head on!- 1:1 Networking Services: You cannot succeed in healthcare transformation alone. Join us for 2+ days of bespoke 1-2-1 networking through our matchmaking and meetings services for total interaction- Practical Case Studies: The ONLY forum to deep-dive into case studies in the healthcare space including remote monitoring, practical applications of telemedicine or the use of increased patient data- Healthcare's 'Netflix': We know time is precious, so catch-up in your own time through our conference on-demand service for a full 2 weeks after the live session URLs:Tickets: Price:General Admission: USD 699.0 Date and Time: On Tuesday November 16, 2021 at 10:00 am (ends Wednesday November 17, 2021 at 4:00 pm)