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International Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Date of beginning

Wednesday, 24 April 2024


2 days

Deadline for abstracts

Saturday, 30 March 2024


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia






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Expected participants



Welcome to the International Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy (ISTMRSE 2024) which will be held on April 24-25, 2024 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We cordially invite you to join us in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a comprehensive exploration of renewable and sustainable energy solutions. ISTMRSE 2024 serves as a platform for researchers, scientists, industry professionals, and policymakers from around the world to exchange knowledge, present their research findings, and engage in discussions on the latest advancements in the field. Conference Overview: ISTMRSE 2024 aims to address the pressing global challenges related to energy sustainability, climate change, and environmental conservation. With a focus on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices, this conference provides an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants. Conference Themes: Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems | Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Systems | Wind Energy and Wind Power Generation | Biomass and Bioenergy | Hydroelectric Power and Tidal Energy | Geothermal Energy Systems | Energy Storage Technologies and Solutions | Energy Efficiency and Conservation | Sustainable Transportation and Electric Vehicles | Policy, Economics, and Social Implications of Renewable Energy Renowned experts and thought leaders in the field of renewable and sustainable energy will grace ISTMRSE 2024 as Plenary and keynote speakers. Their invaluable insights, research findings, and experiences will provide profound perspectives on the latest advancements, emerging trends, and future directions in the realm of renewable energy. Paper Presentations: Accepted papers will be presented by their authors to a diverse audience of experts and peers. These sessions will foster discussions, encourage feedback, and promote collaboration, allowing participants to gain insights and expand their knowledge. Poster Sessions: Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their research through interactive poster presentations. Poster sessions provide a conducive environment for detailed discussions, enabling presenters to receive valuable feedback and establish connections with fellow researchers. Industry Exhibition: A dedicated exhibition area will feature leading companies, organizations, and innovators in the renewable energy sector. Attendees can explore cutting-edge technologies, products, and services, fostering valuable industry-academia collaborations. Panel Discussions: Engage in insightful panel discussions led by industry experts, researchers, and policymakers. These sessions will address key challenges, policy implications, and emerging trends in renewable and sustainable energy, offering a platform for stimulating dialogue and idea exchange. Workshops and Tutorials: ISTMRSE 2024 will host workshops and tutorials conducted by experts in specialized areas of renewable energy. These sessions will provide practical insights, hands-on experiences, and opportunities to delve into emerging technologies, empowering participants with valuable skills and knowledge. We eagerly await your participation in ISTMRSE 2024 as we collectively strive to advance renewable and sustainability.