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Bacteriophage Therapy Summit

Bacteriophage Therapy Summit


Date of beginning

Tuesday, 27 February 2024


3 days


Boston, Massachusetts


United States


Lily Macintyre


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The bacteriophage community is experiencing a period of renaissance of funding and clinical breakthroughs, with 2023 having been a pivotal year when the UK government injected £210m to tackle global antimicrobial resistance. As the only industry-led platform for phage drug developers, the 6th Bacteriophage Therapy Summit will return to Boston in 2024 to unite 90+ phage experts that will: Expedite Phage Discovery Through High-Throughput Screening and AI to Enhance Targeting and Specificity Bridge the Gap of Engineered, Natural, and Hybrid Phage to Expand Flexibility Navigate Regulatory Pathways of Phage to Ensure Successful Clinical Trials Broaden Phage's Therapeutic and Delivery Vehicle Potential Beyond AMR URLs:Tickets: Brochure:  Date and Time: On Tue, 27 Feb 2024 09:00 - Thu, 29 Feb 2024 15:15 Venue details: Hilton Boston Back Bay, 40 Dalton Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115, United States Prices:Drug Developer - Conference Only: USD 2599.00,Drug Developer - Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 3148.00,Drug Developer - Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 3697.00,Service and Solution Provider - Conference Only: USD 3299.00,Service and Solution Provider - Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 3848.00,Service and Solution Provider - Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 4397.00 Speakers: Amanda Burkardt, Chief Executive Officer, Phiogen, Carrie-Lynn Furr, Advisory Board Memberx, CARB-X, Danish Malik, Professor of Industrial Biotechnology, Loughborough University, Dylan Lawrence, Senior Scientist, Pfizer, Jakob Krause Haaber, Vice President of CRISPR and Delivery Technologies, SNIPR Biome, James Cass, Director of Molecular and Viral Safety, Merck, Jaroslaw Dastych, Chief Executive Officer, Proteon Pharmaceuticals, Jason Clark, Chief Scientific Officer, NexaBiome, Johan Wikstrom, CEO, Tolka AI Therapeutics, Keiko Salazar, Assistant Director, Baylor College of Medicine (TAILOR), Matjaz Peterka, Chief Executive Officer, COBIK, Pablo Cifuentes, Chief Technology Officer, PhageLab, Paul Kim, Chief Development Officer, Locus Biosciences, Sergei Petukhov, Managing Director, AMR Action Fund, Urania Rappo, Director of Clinical Development, BiomX