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5th Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit Europe 2023

5th Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit Europe 2023


Date of beginning

Tuesday, 05 December 2023


3 days






Alice Grant


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As investments, mergers and acquisitions in the TRP field increase, all eyes are looking towards novel targets and their scope in the development of the field. However, significant challenges still remain surrounding supply chain issues, isotope transportation, selecting the right target molecule to improve accuracy, and unanswered regulatory questions. The 5th Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit is bringing together 100+ industry leaders across radioligand development from pharma and biotech to discuss novel targets outside of PSMA, next generation radiopharma therapeutics, how to meet regulatory expectations regarding targeting molecule and isotopes and recent clinical updates. Discover how to optimally translate your product through the clinic and address critical supply challenges in the TRP space. Join your peers from the likes of Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bicycle Therapeutics, Fusion Pharmaceuticals and more as they evaluate brand new technologies and approaches to improve existing practices to reduce off-target toxicities, improve accuracy of targeting molecule, understand dosimetry and its applications in personalising therapy and explore combination therapies to improve efficacy of your TRP. URLs:Tickets: Brochure:  Date and Time: On Tue, 05 Dec 2023 08:00 - Thu, 07 Dec 2023 16:30 Venue details: Berlin Marriott Hotel, 1 Inge-Beisheim-Platz, Berlin, 10785, Germany Prices:Drug Developer Conference Only: EUR 2799.00,Drug Developer Conference + 1 Workshop: EUR 3348.00,Drug Developer Conference + 2 Workshops: EUR 3897.00,Drug Developer Conference + 3 Workshops: EUR 4446.00,Academic Conference Only: EUR 2399.00,Academic Conference + 1 Workshop: EUR 2898.00,Academic Conference + 2 Workshops: EUR 3397.00,Academic Conference + 3 Workshops: EUR 3896.00,Solution Provider Conference Only: EUR 3599.00,Solution Provider Conference + 3 Workshops: EUR 5396.00 Speakers: Alejandro Bertolet, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Andreas Kluge, Owner and Lead Consultant, ABX-CRO, Anna Kulesza, Director - Pharmaceutical Development Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control, RegulaNova Sarl, Christopher Leamon, Chief Scientific Officer, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, Cyril Berthet, Chief Operating Officer, Oncodesign AS, Dangshe Ma, Senior Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Eirini Bournazou, Evaluations Lead, External Innovation, Bristol Myers Squibb, Friedmund Bachmann, Vice President CMC, OncoOne, Gareth Smith, Vice President - Business Strategy, Imaginab, Gemma Mudd, Director, Bicycle Therapeutics, George Loudos, Chief Executive Officer, BioEMTECH Solution Technologies, Germo Gericke, Chief Medical Officer, EVP Research and Development, Ariceum Therapeutics, Greg Mullen, Chief Operating Officer, Ariceum Therapeutics, Guillaume Potdevin, Associate Director, Team Lead Computer Vision and AI, AstraZeneca, Herman Steen, Chief Executive Officer, Cortalix BV, Izabela Rejdych, Principal Consultant, RegulaNova, Jan van Bodegom, Chief Executive Officer, Coretag, Jarrod Longcor, Chief Operating Officer, Cellectar Biosciences Inc., Jeevan Virk, Global Head of Radioligand Therapy, Radioligand Imaging, Portfolio Strategy and Radiosensitive Cancers, Novartis AG, Jeremy Paull, Vice President, Development and Regulatory Affairs, Starpharma, Julia Brosch-Lenz, Medical Physicist, Technical University Munich, Marc Hedrick, CEO/ President, Plus Therapeutics, Munir Ghesani, Systems Chief, Nuclear Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Neil Quigley, Global Product Manager, ITM Pharma Solutions GmbH, Nicolas Bozovic, Director of Pharmaceutical Operations and Projects, OranoMed, Nicolas Bozovic, Director of Pharmaceutical Operations and Projects, OranoMed, Philip Huxley, Vice President - Oncology Research, Bicycle Therapeutics, Raphael Ortiz, Chief Operating Officer, Telix Innovations, Ruth Devenyns, Chief Executive Officer, Precirix, Sebastian Patzke, Former Head of Discovery, Nordic Nanovector, Urs Hagemann, Head of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals, Research and Early Development Oncology, Bayer, Wei Huang, Deputy Manager, Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology