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5th Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit 2024

5th Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit 2024


Date of beginning

Monday, 29 July 2024


3 days




United States


Kate Woodford


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gamma Delta T cells prove an exciting platform for the treatment of solid tumor indications and autoimmune disorders. The unique biology of these cells is revolutionizing the development of allogeneic therapies. The 5th rendition of the Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies Summit returns this year to take a deep dive into the biological intricacies of gamma delta T cells, deciphering the rich landscape of targeted interventions and engineering, and exploit their unique pathways and mechanisms to create more effective therapeutics. This is a great opportunity to help the community upskill their cross-functional team across discovery, translation and clinical development skills, to successfully translate basic research into your clinical strategy to support upcoming IND submissions. With a primary focus on streamlining clinical trial design for improved targeting of the TME, exploration of novel engineering strategies and appeasing regulatory bodies, we have collaborated with IN8Bio, Adicet Bio, Acepodia, Takeda, Luminary Therapeutics, LAVA Therapeutics, OneChain Therapeutics and many more expert companies to uncover the translational lessons learned in therapies focused on leveraging the inherent biological capabilities of gamma delta T cells. As the ONLY industry gamma delta T cell-specific meeting running this year, these three days will expedite the translation of your vd1/vd2 pipelines from bench to bedside, fostering prompt progress in the field. URLs:Tickets: Brochure: Date and Time: On Mon, 29 Jul 2024 09:00 - Wed, 31 Jul 2024 17:00 Venue Details: Hilton Boston Back Bay, 40 Dalton Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115, United States Prices:Conference + Bootcamp Day - Industry Pricing: USD 4197.00,Conference + Bootcamp Day - Academic Pricing: USD 3597.00,Conference + Bootcamp Day - Service and Solution Provider Pricing: USD 5097.00,Conference Only - Industry Pricing: USD 2999.00,Conference Only - Academic Pricing: USD 2599.00,Conference Only - Service and Solution Provider Pricing: USD 3699.00 Speakers: Alan Guerrero, Vice President - Research and Development, Kiromic, LLC, Antara Banerjee, Senior Director and Head of Cell Engager Therapies, Oncology Drug Discovery Unit, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Beau Webber, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder, Luminary Therapeutics, Bryan Kobel, Chief Executive Officer, TCBiopharm, Cathriona Foley, Assistant Professor, University College Cork, Charles Morris, Chief Medical Officer, Lava Therapeutics, Chris Holland, Executive Director and Head Of Biometrics, Immunocore Ltd, David Taggart, Senior Scientist - Product Development, TCBiopharm, Ed Zhang, CEO, Overland Pharmaceuticals, Ekatherina Goryachikov, Head of Clinical Operations, Adicet Bio , Francesco Galimi, Chief Medical Officer, Adicet Bio, Frank Borriello, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alloplex Biotherapeutics, Haiyan Jiang, Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, PointLoma biosciences, Jeff Liter, Founder and CEO, Luminary Therapeutics, Jonathan Fisher, Principal Investigator, University College London, Jose Ramon, Conejo-Garcia Chief Scientific Officer, Celleplus Therapeutics, Jyothi Sethuraman, Director, MSAT, Adicet Bio, Laura Garcia Perez, Senior Scientist, OneChain Immunotherapeutics, Lawrence Lamb, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, IN8Bio, Marta Barisa, Senior Manager - Scientific Project and Research Fellow, University College London, Meisam Naeimi, Kararoudi Director - Gene editing Core and Principal Investigator - Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorder, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Michael Lotze, Professor of Surgery, Immunology and Bioengineering, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Mohammed Alnaggar, Associate Professor, Hubei University, Nandhu Sobhana, Head of Cell Therapy Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Nelli Bejanyan, Associate Professor, Moffitt Cancer Center, Payam Zarin, Associate Director and Research Lead, GentiBio, Sai-Wen, Tang Director of Research and Development, Acepodia Inc., Stefanos Theoharis, Chief Executive Officer, OneChain Immunotherapeutics, Trishna Goswami, Chief Medical Officer, IN8Bio, Weiwei Ma, Chief Technology Officer, Unicet Biotech, Xiaohong Wang, Director, PointLoma biosciences