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5th Annual RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

5th Annual RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit


Date of beginning

Tuesday, 13 December 2022


3 days


Boston, Massachusetts


United States


Karina Bikerniece


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Expand and Maximize RNA Druggability with Small Molecules As one of the most anticipated events on the RNA calendar, the RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit returns for its fifth year this December. This premier, definitive, and most comprehensive forum for the RNA-targeting small molecule community will address remaining challenges, including but not limited to RNA structure and function relationship, functional validation, and the translational route from discovery to pre-clinical and clinical development. This forum will deliver exclusive data from the movers and shakers in the RNA drug discovery field from the likes of Arrakis Therapeutics, Remix Therapeutics, ReviR Therapeutics Novartis, Roche, Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, Ribometrix, as well as true academic pioneers with the likes of Hashim Al-Hashimi, Matthew Disney, Amanda Hargrove, Jay Schneekloth, and others. Join the summit for deep dive into new and emerging topics such as: - Induced Proximity as a new class of "targeted RNA degraders"- Next-generation probing and screening technologies to accelerate HIT identification and validation- Biophysical, biochemical, and cell-based assay development strategies to identify and optimize small molecules interacting with RNA- In vivo pharmacology, safety, and efficacy early considerations to accelerate the transition from discovery to pre-clinical and clinical development Bringing together 250+ biopharma and academic experts in RNA Science, Structural Biology, Biophysics, Screening, and Medicinal Chemistry - this year's meeting in Boston will be your ultimate roadmap in the field. Secure your place to successfully translate your discovery and pre-clinical strategies into robust pipelines of RNA-targeted small molecule drugs that realize the full potential of this up-and-coming field. URLs:Brochure: Tickets:  Date and Time: On Tue, Dec 13, 2022 ( 8:00 AM) - Thu, Dec 15, 2022 ( 7:00 PM) Venue details: Boston Park Plaza, 50 Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, United States Prices:Drug Developer - Conference Only + Focus Day OR Workshop Day: USD 4946.00,Drug Developer - Conference Only: USD 2999.00,Academic - Conference Only + Focus Day OR Workshop Day: USD 4246.00,Academic - Conference Only: USD 2599.00,Service Provider - Conference Only + Focus Day OR Workshop Day: USD 5846.00,Service Provider - Conference Only: USD 3599.00 Speakers: Amanda Garner, Associate Professor, University of Michigan;, Amanda Hargrove, Associate Professor, Chemistry Duke University;, Anastasiia Kamenska, Director - Corporate Strategy, Novartis;, Anthony Mustoe, Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine;, Anu Bhattacharyya, Executive Director - Biology, PTC Therapeutics;, Barak Akabayov, Principal Investigator, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev;, Brock Schuman, CEO, Azor Biotek;, Can Ozbal, CEO, PureHoney Technologies;, Chris Trotta, VP - Discovery Biology, PTC Therapeutics;, Anna Krichevsky, Assistant Professor, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School;, Danny Incarnato, CSO, Ladder Therapeutics and Assistant Professor, University of Groningen;, Dave Mauger, Director and Head of Data Science, Arrakis Therapeutics;, David Brower, SVP - Business Development and Portfolio Strategy, Accent Therapeutics;, Dominique Verhelle, Co-Founder and CEO, NextRNA Therapeutics;, Elliott Nickbarg, Principal Scientist, Merck and Co;, Hashim Al-Hashimi Professor, Columbia University and Co-Founder, Nymirum;, Isaac Kimsey, VP - Drug Discovery, Nymirum;, Jana Narasimhan, Executive Director - Pharmacology, PTC Therapeutics;, Jennifer Petter, Founder and CIO, Arrakis Therapeutics;, John S. Schneekloth, Jr., Senior Investigator, National Cancer Institute;, Julia Weigand, Professor, Philipps-Universitat Marburg;, Karen Chapman, CSO, Eclipse Bioinnovations;, Katie Warner, VP - RNA Biology, Ribometrix;, Kevin Pong, CBO, Anima Biotech;, Marcel Blommers, Saverna Therapeutics, CSO;, Mary McMahon, Head - RNA Biology, ReviR Therapeutics;, Matt Woll, VP - Head of Chemistry, PTC Therapeutics;, Matthew Disney, Professor and Chair; Department of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute;, Rabia Khan, CEO, Ladder Therapeutics;, Robert Batey, Professor and Associate Chair, University of Colorado Boulder;, Peng Yue, Co-Founder and CEO, ReviR Therapeutics;, Ryan Potts, Executive Director and Head - Induced Proximity Platform, Amgen;, Scott Barraza, Discovery Chemistry Group Leader, PTC Therapeutics;, Peter Connolly, Senior Director - Structural Biology, Expansion Therapeutics;, Peter Smith, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Remix Therapeutics;, Valentina Romeo, Principal Scientist - Lead Discovery, Roche;, Vijay Modur, Head of R and D, Eloxx Pharmaceuticals;, Yang Zheng, Head of Business Development, Nymirum;, Zbigniew Zaslona, VP - Research Biology, Molecure;