Conference: IFRS 9 Implementation and Stress Testing MasterClass

Name of conference  IFRS 9 Implementation and Stress Testing MasterClass 
  • Economy/Marketing
Date of beginning  2017-09-21 
City  Vienna 
Country  Austria 
Contact  Beatrix Penzes 
Deadline for abstract  2017-09-19 
Expected participants 
Memo  IFRS 9 Implementation and Stress Testing MasterClass was designed to improve the level of knowledge in the field of IFRS 9 which comes into effect on the 01 January 2018, meaning: it is crucial to get up to speed with the new regulations. The MasterClass approach is vastly practical. It will help you to understand fundamental concepts and prinĀ¬ciples underlying IFRS9 and also develop your skills in its efficient implementation in every aspect. One of the reasons why GLC MasterClasses stand out from others is that our participants gain not only the knowledge from highly experienced and specialized professionals, but also learn how to apply the gained insights in real life. IFRS 9 Implementation and Stress Testing MasterClass is essential for professionals in the field of accounting, auditing and finance, who are aiming for career development. The MasterClass will cover new regulatory topics, especially the Credit Risk Stress test, beside basic ethics. 1. Learn how to interpret accounting requirements of IFRS 9 into a model context 2. Find out how to align International Accounting Standards and EBA Requirements on EL-Provisions 3. Run EBA-Stress Test on IFRS 9 data 4. Combine EBA Baseline and Adverse Scenarios with IFRS 9 models 5. Integrate Stress Test Foresight and Migration Methodologies 6. Run SICR in a Stress Test Framework 

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