Conference: Biocomposites Conference Cologne

Name of conference  Biocomposites Conference Cologne 
Abbreviation  BCC 
  • Materials, Structures, Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Bio Engineering
  • Environment
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Economy/Marketing
  • Waste engineering
Date of beginning  2017-12-06 
City  Cologne 
Country  Germany 
Contact  Dominik Vogt 
Deadline for abstract  2017-05-19 
Expected participants  250 
Memo  The Seventh Biocomposites Conference Cologne builds on successful previous conferences of the nova-Institute: in 2015 more than 230 participants and 20 exhibitors were represented. It is the largest conference on biocomposites worldwide and still expanding. More than 250 participants and 30 exhibitors mainly from industry are expected. - Focus: Market Opportunities for Biocomposites in Construction, Automotive and Consumer Goods – Latest Development in Technology and Strategic Market Positioning, Sustainability and Recycling – Innovation Award Session “Wood and Natural Fibre Composite of the Year 2017” – Trends in Biocomposite Granulates for Injection Moulding, Extrusion and 3D Printing - Main topics: Biocomposites in Automotive / Wood-Plastic Composites – Recent Developments / Injection Moulded Biocomposites / Biocomposites in 3D Printing / Biocomposites in High-Tech Applications / Bio-based Polymers for Biocomposites / Wood and Natural Fibres for Biocomposites More information: