Conference: 6th Int. Conf. on Language, Medias and Culture

Name of conference  6th Int. Conf. on Language, Medias and Culture 
Abbreviation  ICLMC 
  • Communication Techn.
  • Education
  • Robotics
Date of beginning  2017-03-25 
City  Kyoto 
Country  Japan 
Contact  Apple P. Xiong 
Deadline for abstract  2017-01-20 
Expected participants 
Memo  Submission methods: 1. 2. ______ Paper publication: All papers submitted to the ICLMC 2017, will be published in one of those journals below: Option A: International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics (IJLLL, ISSN: 2382-6282, DOI: 10.18178/IJLLL) as one volume, and will be included in Google Scholar, Engineering & Technology Digital Library, Crossref, and Proquest. Option B: International Journal of Culture and History (IJCH, ISSN: 2382-6177, DOI: 10.18178/ijch) , and will be included Google Scholar, Engineering & Technology Digital Library, Crossref, ProQuest. ______ Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education Practices of Language Teacher Education The transformative nature of the role of language and communication in human cognition The analysis of language and language use as providing a window into non-linguistic cognitive processes and structures The relationship between linguistic structure and cognitive processes Input and output of large character sets of Asian languages Typesetting and font designs of Asian languages Voice input and output Phonology and morphology Word sense disambiguation, semantic role labeling and semantic parsing For more information about conference topics, please visit